Gilles Kratzer

Research Interests

Biostatistics, applied statistics for epidemiological and medical studies


Institut für Mathematik

September 2016 - Now

PhD Student

Zurich, Switzerland

  • Author and Maintainer of multiple R packages abn, varrank

  • Administrator of the statistical consulting service of the UZH

  • Teaching assistant for various statistical lectures

Philip Morris International

February 2016 - August 2016


Neuchâtel, Switzerland

  • Data processing using SAS (acquisition, formating and TLFs production)

  • Statistical evaluation/analysis in vitro/in vivo studies using SAS and R

  • Peer reviewed Paper and Internal Report reviewing

  • Statistical Plan / Study Plan review

  • Validation Plan review (Validation method)

Stockholms Universitet

February 2015 - November 2015


Stockholms, Sweden

  • Research Internship for my Master Thesis

  • Simulation based inference in epidemic models


January 2015 - Now

Freelance Statistician

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Study protocol and Statistical report

  • Sample size computation

  • Design of experiment

  • Time series analysis for decision making purpose

  • Occupancy forecasting (short and long term prediction)

  • automatised reporting


May 2012 - March 2014

Project Manager

Geneva, Switzerland

  • European Clinical trials (FR, ES, BE, CH, GR, GE) at both operational and data management sides

  • ECRF and CRF design

  • Data Management implementation and management of EDC system (XClinical, E-novex)

  • Operational management of clinical trials (site and surgeon contact)

  • Monitoring activities (FR, ES, BE, CH, GR, GE)

  • Preparation of TMFs, ISFs and essential documents

  • Radiographic Analysis study design and protocol writing

  • Data Analysis for regulatory, marketing and presentation purposes

  • SOPs writing and reviewing

EPFL (Medical Photonics Group)

November 2010 - April 2012

Graduate Research Assistant

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Lab work Fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy, work with pulsed LASER and assembling of an OPO, Image and video processing (ImageJ Fiji). Development of ImageJ plugins (Java)

  • Clinical work Performing High Magnification and PDD experiments dedicated to cancer detection (ENT and Urology, CHUV)

  • IT manager (15 people)

  • Data and network management

EPFL (Photovoltaic Laboratory)

February 2010 - October 2010


Neuchâtel, Switzerland

  • Plasma Sputtering, Characterization of Solar Cells and an ITO target

  • Development of an optical set up in order to perform NSOM experiments

  • Solar cell R&D



March 2014 - October 2015

MSc in Biostatistics

Zurich, Switzerland

  • Master Thesis Simulation based inference in epidemic models


October 2003 - February 2010

BSc and MSc in Physics

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Master Thesis Quantum Monte Carlo Investigation of the Local Density in Mott Insulating Phases of Hardcore Boson Models


University Hospital (CHUV)

October 2013 - September 2014

Certificate of Advanced Studies Clinical Research and Epidemiology

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Study protocol writing, literature reviewing, sample sizing, statistical analysis plan

  • Operational process in clinical research, operational process for submission at Ethical Comitee Research (ECR)

  • Statistical analysis (survival, risk and multivariate analysis)



English, French, Portuguese , German

Statistical Programming

SAS, R, Python , STATA


1st Causality workshop

Lecturing two days on advanced statistics methods

Multivariate analysis using Additive Bayesian Networks workshop

Risk factor analysis using ABN workshop


R packages


Article in Peer reviewed journal